Personal Environment Host not found

Personal Environment Host not found


I just signed up for a personal environment ( but server studio cannot connect to the environment.  The error is "there was an error contacting '': Host not found."

I have searched in the forum and have found a few other posts with the same error, but no solutions that I could see.

Any ideas?

Hey Raz,

Have you tried accessing Service Center via your browser? Please try to access "". 

Ricardo Alves
Both and work.
If you reached the cloud to create your personal environment it is not connectivity.
Maybe you need to configure a proxy with Service Studio?
I have bypassed the proxy
woohoo it works.

Thanks for the help, 

I just had a same problem and i tried everything but it doesnt work, as i was blind because it was written there that 'wakeup' so when i clicked on it and it took 30 sec to activate the environment and then it was all good :)