Problem with Scaffolding Master Detail on Smartphone

Version 9: London Theme

There appears to be a minor issue when Scaffolding a Crud - Master Detail for display on a Smartphone.

The issue is that on a smartphone the list is converted to a list of drop downs, but there is nothing in the Drop Down indicating the Name of the Item in the List.


Using your video tutorial for usability "Directory" with Employees/Departments:
1. Follow all the steps using Scaffolding to create Employees And Departments lists
2. Scaffold the Detail pages also
3. Create a master detail list of Employees on the Department Detail page, for Employees in that Department, by dropping the Employee Entity onto the page.

Everything works fine in terms of functionality. But on a smartphone the Employee list is converted to a set of drop downs and there is nothing in the drop down to show the name of the Employee.  

(see document images attached)

However if I then add a link to the Name on the Employee detail list  (this case to the Employee Detail page) then the Drop down on the Smartphone shows that name.

Hi Keith,

You are right, indeed that seems like an issue, most likely on the ResponsiveTableRecords web block javascript. A workaround for now would be to add a link that does nothing (e.g. pointing to an external url with a "#") and style it so it does not look like a link.

Tiago Simões