Date Fields read only & Computed Column from different table

Date Fields read only & Computed Column from different table

Hi ,

I created an entity and dropped it on to the canvas, created a form then dragged the entity on to the canvas again to create the detail page.

So far so good,  I am almost about to test this but my date fields are read only and I cannot select them.  Even though they are set to visible and enabled true,

secondly I want to create a computed column on the list page but seemed to be having trouble doing a SQL Count().

I want to add a computed column to the attribute that counts the number of signatures for each Petition.  In SQL I would simply just do a Count(Id) on the signatures table to get the value but im having trouble,

1> Can't get Count(Signatures) to return any value
2> Don't know how to create a computed column by dragging the Signatures entity into the aggergate along with the tables that fill the Petition list page

I don't want to compute two columns in the same entity I want to see how many signatures there are for each petition and add that as a computed column.

Petition (1: <----->>:Many) Signatures 

Example of what I want to do
{Petition}:[Petition Name], [Descrition], [etc], [etc], [Computed Column(NumOfSignatures)]

Screen shot of Petition List page

Hi Pat,

Using aggregates, currently your option for that scenario is grouping by Petition.Id (or other unique value) and by the other Petition columns you want in the output. Finally, add the Count of the Signature.Id, for example.

Afterwards, you need to correct the expressions in the screen to match the new result, which basically means removing the ".Petition" as you can see if you open the expression editor: instead of "PetitionForm.Record.Petition.CreateDate", use "PetitionForm.Record.CreateDate".

Paulo Ferreira

I will work on that,