[How To?] Wizards & Tabs

[How To?] Wizards & Tabs

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Published on 2014-12-13 by André Madeira
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Published on 2014-12-13 by André Madeira
It would be great to have a good example for
1. creating wizards
2. one for using tabs properly (with programmed tab navigation)
Thanks. This is exactly what we are looking for - community requests.
See if this helps: 



download code here: http://labs.outsystems.net/londontheme/DownloadEspace.aspx

Yes I saw that but it is not really functional.

It would be better to see a real example that works for maybe 3 tabs/steps.
Fair enough.
We will put it in the pile. Stay tunned.



I've been doing pretty much the same thing on a lower level.
. Editable Tables
. Dependent Combo Boxes
. Dependent List Boxes (with choice picker - like a balanced list box)
. Pop Up Editors 

just got to tabs and wizards

Mostly to be able to understand things and build up some examples for myself
But having only been doing this 3 weeks not sure my code is good enough to share.
Send it my way. I'll review it and let you know. Would love to have you part of the team :)
Do you have an email I can send it too. I wouldn't want people copying what could be bad practice.