Passing Java long value to OutSystems Extension

This basic question might be answered somewhere but the search didn't show anything for "java long" so I'm asking here:
In an extension (OS v8.x), how do you pass a Java long value back to OutSystems when it seems that the platform only supports an Integer? at least that's the choice available with Integration Studio 8.

This is ok if the Java long value is less than the maximum integer value but if it exceeds is there another course of action beside having a truncated value?

Hello MaxHeu,

On OutSystems you don't have a direct conversion from Java long data type. You can check a complete list of the OutSystems runtime data types here.

If you don't need a precision range higher than 2^31-1 (integer), then you can use decimal as your field data type on Integration Studio and then convert it from and to long on your extension source code.

Nuno Parreira