[FileSystem] Use map network drive

[FileSystem] Use map network drive

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Published on 28 Nov (3 weeks ago) by Matthias Preuter
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Published on 28 Nov (3 weeks ago) by Matthias Preuter
Hi all,

I have an eSpace using filesystem extension that is writing a large amount of files every year, now I'm running out of disk space on front-end. I need to move this files out of there (adding more disk space is not an option for now), i thought this would be easy but i find out that the file system extension can not use a maped network drive, seems application pool isn't able to see it. Does anyone knows why? Is there a work arround?

I also tried to map this files directly, using network path (\\192.168....\sharedfolder\) using a shared folder, and when i tried this realized that this is also a big problem because front-end a other machine are not in same domain network, even with "anonymous" privileges given to the folder i was unable to achive my goal.
Does anyone have any ideia that can help me solve this issue?

João Inácio
Hi João,

take a look at Network FileSystem, I think that's something like this you'll need to write files over shared folders.

You can't use a mapped drive even in Network FileSystem, mapped drives are specific to a desktop session and the Web Service doesn't have a desktop session.

Use NetworkFileSystem extension and refer to the path through its UNC path such as "\\\Share1\file.txt"

Hi all
Thanks Miguel and Justin for your help, this extension saved my day.
Now that i know Network FileSystem I can't figure out why extension FileSystem is not deprecated and is still the most recent updated extension in forge (between the two of them). Both have same actions, but NetworkFileSystem does more.

Joao -

I've wondered the same thing myself!


We are checking the impact of deprecating this extension, e.g., checking exisiting consumers and replacement effort.

I'll notify this thead as soon I have more news.

João Portela
Why not add the support for network operations from the Network FileSystem into the already Outsystems maintained Filesystem?

Then you could easily deprecate Network FileSystem...
There is no "already OutSystems maintained Filesystem" extension.

Supported components on the Forge have a supported tag ( like this ). This one doesn't. It's not supported or maintained by OutSystems.

If NetworkFilesystem does what you want, you should use that.