Locking in Outsystems Queries and AdvancedQueries


How query locking works in Outsystems? I heard that is always READ UNCOMMITTED, can you confirm?

Thanks in advanced
Hi Alexandre,

You can find detailed information about OutSystems database transaction handling on this certified discussion.

Please let us know if you need any additional clarification about that.

Nuno Parreira
If you have a specific question I'd be glad to answer. A few weeks ago we went through a number of tests to get an exact understanding of this topic.

There's also this reference help topic on how to manage the transactions.

@Justin James, if you have compiled some notes during your research, please let me know. Maybe we can add something to the reference docs to make them better.
Joao -

What we did was make a series of Actions that performed a variety of different things, then ran them while monitoring through SQL Server Profiler to understand exactly which things created a lock, and exactly which things would be blocked by a lock. It turned out that what we found was what was described in the page linked to earlier, but it was a bit difficult to understand that page because we had to do a lot of reading. I think that a table with that exact information would be helpful.

Thanks for the feedback.

Happy Holidays!