how to publish two instance on same server

I’ve an espace in development server.
I wanted to have its one more instance on same server as QC environment i.e. separate code and database. My intension is to have two different environment for DEV and QC (testing) team. I am using Otsystems 8 and Sql Serve as database.
Please help me to setup such environment where I can get two different URL to access and with different database tables.
I'm pretty sure that you're not supposed to do it this way. You can clone the espace, but then be forced to merge Dev and QC in order to update QC. Plus Lifetime will not work.

If you're doing serious work, get another server and set it up correctly.
Gerry is correct.  You cannot do this out of the box on one server in IIS.  All the OS applications run off the default web site, so even with multiple IP addresses it would not be possible.  

If your physical server has enough resources, you could possibly achieve this is by running virtual machine on the same server (VMware or Virtual Box). The physical server could then be your dev environment and the VM could be setup as your QA machine.  The VM would not need much memory or disk space.  It would basically just be an web application server.

Once you have the VM up, you can install the platform and configure its database connection to point back to a second database instance on the database engine of the physical server.  

Lifetime would see these as two separate servers and everything should work normally from there.

Hope this helps.
Hello all

I would like to point out that running more than one instance of the OutSystems Platform in the same operating system is not supported in any way. Any changes to the setup that would be needed to make such a scenario work are unsupported and OutSystems cannot commit to supporting and fixing any misbehaviors that may result from such setups.

The only supported way to deploy the OutSystems Platform is by running each instance in their own operating system. If you wish to run more than one platform in a physical machine you may resort to virtualization, but in each "logical" machine only one OutSystems Platform is supported.

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