Error downloading from Forge

Error downloading from Forge

Hi, I receive this error (attached) when trying to download google maps or ckeditor,  I assume there is an issue. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Hi Fadi,

Sorry for the late reply.

In order for us to help you we need a bit more information than what we can get from the screenshot.
Is the error still happening? Did you report the error by pressing Submit Feedback? Are you using an personal environment?

Hi  Miguel,

It looks like Google maps works, but for CK Editor I got the following error  (I am using the personal  environment):

Application cannot be safely installed in your environment
OutSystems Platform dependency analysis has detected that this application cannot be safely installed as it would impact other applications running in your environment. You may still download and install the application manually at your own risk.  Less
There was an unexpected error. Please proceed with the installation manually.

Hi Fadi,

That kind of error usually comes up when there is some sort of incompatibility with that application and the applications in your environment.

Since the application CK Editor does not have any dependency, could it be the case that you have an older CKEditor version already installed? If so, some other application may be using your installed CKEditor and, by upgrading it to a more recent version, you could have problems in the applications that depends on it (broken references for instance, which will introduce unexpected errors in your application). Can you please check if this is true?

Ricardo Alves