Still learning. I finally was able to implement a tab_menu, input fields with client side validation and more.  Now I can't figure out how to implement a baic menu at the top of my page/application.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hi Tony

Sorry for the late reply.

There are many kinds of menus, could you give us an example of what you're trying to achieve?

Miguel, I think I am using the "LondonFixed" base theme.  And the menu is from the "Common" Menu.  I have created what appears to be a top menu, but I don't know how to add submenu for one of the top menu options.  How do I share/send you a link so you can view it?
Hi Tony,

See if this helps.
Andre, thanks for sharing this, butit doens't work for me.  I guess the menu I am seeing in my module is different from what is in this link you sent.  I am not able to see a MenuSubItem placeholder and yes I tried showing all hidden widgets.  My guess is that the default menu in the default theme does not have submenus. 

I may have to replace the defalut menu in my theme and create a new menu with submenu from either the "RichWidgets" or some other MenuJQuery module. 
The default theme (London or LondonFixed) supports submenus by default. Do you see the DropDownMenu webblock inside the Menu webblock?