Loading millions of points in HighCharts

Would it be possible to implement this HighCharts sample with the systems Charts component?


Think it must be implemented with AdvancedFormat_Init. I would like to implement the Zoom-level and updating the chart using jQuery.getJSON call, could someone help me with it?

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Hi Matthias,

This example is also for highstock and not for highcharts.
The getJSON is not supported out of the box, you have to feed the chart with the data point list.
The zoom it is possible you just need to add "chart: { zoomType: 'x' }" in HighchartsJSON parameter of AdvancedFormat_Init. It is possible that zoom behaves differently from highcharts and highstock...
Thanks André,

Thats why the range-selector buttons didn't display. ZoomType 'x' does work now, I'll try to make use of the getJSON now.

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