How can we create a line chart with multiple lines?
Thanks in advance.
Hi Manish,

you can create multiple lines in the same line chart by giving specific values to each of the datapoints in the parameter "DataSeriesName" of the "DataPoint_Init" action.

Let's assume that you want to create a line chart with the temperature of two different cities (eg. London and Lisbon) over time. To do it, when you are creating the datapoints to insert in the list (this list is the input "SourceDataPointList" of the chart), give to the datapoints related with the London temperature the same "DataSeriesName" value (eg. London)

and other name to the points related with the Lisbon temperature (eg. Lisbon)

After you append these points in the DataPoint list and introduce the list as input of the chart you will get 2 lines (to get a line you will need at least 2 points with the same "DataSeriesName"), one for for each city (where each city has its own "DataSeriesName").

António Pereira