Reading and Parsing a File

Reading and Parsing a File


I am new to Outsystem and in a learning mode. I see there is a FileSystem extension which can be used to do file related operation. I am struggling to do the following using it:
  • Read a File (its a .txt)
  • Skip the first line
  • Iterate over the rest of lines and for each line:
  • Pass the content of the lines to a Java Extension, the extension return a modified line
  • Save the modified line in the DB at some entity.
It will be great if someone can help me on this.

Thanks in advance. Pankaj

Hello Pankaj

maybe you can take a look at this component:

I think you can learn from there how to do this.

Pedro Cardoso
Thanks Pedro. The extension is in .Net but I need it for Java.
The translation should be simple enough, I think.
You could just write this to upload the file, convert from BinaryDataToText, do a StringSplit on CR & LF and then iterate through the record list.