'Email_Status' Entity Permission

'Email_Status' Entity Permission


I wanted to use 'Email_Status' entity, from (System) folder, but when I am adding this entity and publishing application I am getting error: "Required Permission You are not allowed to use the Entity 'Email_Status'." What permission I need? How can I use this entity?

I imagine that it's colored red for a reason. This table is used by the Platform's Scheduler process to process emails that Outsystems applications generate.
When I remove tick from "Show Tenant Identifier" it become blue, but I got same error. I think it is red due to "Show Tenant Identifier" setting.
In this application 'Email_Status' entity is usable, but how to use it in my application?
Hi Audrius,

I believe the issue you have is related with security not with the tenant setting. Are you using a personal environment or another installation?
The red color means that you are exposing the tenant identifier on a multi-tenant entity, therefore you take the ownership of filtering the data on that entity by the necessary tenantId, otherwise you will get the data of all the tenants.

Hello André,

I am using production enterprise environment. I tried to do same thing in my personal environment and it worked. Maybe enterprise environment have setting which does not allow to use system entities?

Is is a on-premises installation or is it our offer in the cloud?
It is in the cloud.
Hmm, I think you should contact support for them to sort this out for you.

Was this issue resolved?  I'm getting the same error where I'm using the "Espace" system table.  I would think if the entity was public you could use it in your espace.  We were able to use this information in past versions of Outsystems (we are using version 9)

Another example of system entity used all the time is "Users" .. not sure why "Espace" wouldn't be allowed.