Outsystem 9 is supporting selenium webdriver

Outsystem 9 is supporting selenium webdriver

Hello Team ,

I would like to know that outsystem -9 is supporting selenium webdriver or not ???
We are sucessfully using Outsystem for web application development , now we are planing to automate the apllication. As i come to know that outsystem is supporting selenium .

Thanks in advance
Manish Kumar
Hi Manish,

Tecnically we don't "support" a specific tool for application testing, but you are free to use any tool that you want.
I can tell you that internally we use Selenium Webdriver to do tests.

Also as recommendation on our tests we have a best practice of never using searchs that find elements by id's in the tests.
Element Id's are not guarantied to be kept the same between executions/versions/platform type.

So if we need to find an element in the page we either search for a specific css class or a custom extended property used specifically for testing purposes. For example:

So instead of having tests that do things like:

We use someting like:

João Rosado

Hi John Rosado

     Thanks you  so much for your quick reply.

As i came to know that Test Automator is a Browser (Selenium-based) and Unit (WebService-based) Regression Testing tool for the OutSystems Platform, versions 7 and up. but it is supporting selenium RC . Selenium team is not recomending to use selenium RC. 
  Please suggest me whether I Should go with test automator with selenium RC or test automator can incorporate the selenium Webdriver  ?