Editable bugs!

Hi There,

With this post I want to share my findings on several bugs in the Editable.
On this moment it is not possible to:
- Use a combo box with a source record list
- Use ajax refresh on a object in the list
- Custom validate fields (because of the ajax)
- Refresh the complete list

Combo box
When using a source record list for a combo box the box will be empty after saving the row of the editable. Probably this has something to do with the on save refresh action of the row. I found out that source entity does work.

Ajax refresh
Using ajax Refresh on a object in the Editable row will Couse problems because after the refresh the object loses the class InEditMode. There for it is not possible to edit it again. You first need to save the row and edit it again to get the InEditMode back on the object.

Custom validation fields
Custom validation fields is only possible in the onrowsave action of the editable. This because of the refresh trigger that fires after the action. It is not possible to trigger the refresh manual and the ajax refresh loses the class InEditMode.

Refhres complete list
When I refresh the complete table with ajax it will see the hidden editable row as existing. There after the refresh there is now 1 row showing and with the next refresh there will be 2 rows and 3 etc.

Would love to get some replys :)
Hi freek,

If you could you post a small oml showing those problems it would be great.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

Thnx for your fast reply.
Hi freek,

The last issue (Refresh complete list) was fixed very recently and should be available in a future revision of the server. I was not able to reproduce the first (Combo box). What version of the platform do you have?

Tiago Simões

The cloud version is running on Version
Hi freek,

Take a look into https://simoestiagodez294.outsystemscloud.com/Editable/. I believe some of those issues are already fixed in

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

Is there a way to upgrade the personal cloud?
Hi freek,

We are scheduling the update process to for all our Personal Environment users and it should occur in one or two weeks. We'll let you know as soon as your environment is upgraded!

Nuno Parreira
Hi Nuno!

Thnx you so mutch you guys are great!

Greetz Nick