GChart Webblock - Preview Mode, how does it work?

GChart Webblock - Preview Mode, how does it work?

Hi all,

I've been playing around with the GChart Webblock to understand how to make javascript integration with some other tools. I've downloaded the the GoogleCharts eSpace into my environment space and started to understand how it works.

Everything is pretty "normal", the only thing that puzzles me is the "PreviewMode" if on the webblock. It is a "if" container where if "False" shows the preview image for the editor and if it is "True" runs the javascript. On the webblock it self it is static with the "False" value, which I understand for editing reasons... What I don't understand is how it gets "True" in run time. I've looked around to see if there is any assignment, but didn't found any.

This isn't a "critical question", just a "I would like to know why" kind of question...


Hi Rui.

In fact that is pretty common to use and just for editing purposes as you say.

The If never turns to True. That fixed value will be false so that it always runs the Javascript, and the tool will always show the true branch while in design mode.

Hope it clears it out for you!

Pedro Cardoso