What is the criteria for suspending an environment?

What is the criteria for suspending an environment?  I was in the system I built yesterday doing a demo and today I got notification today it was suspended.
Hi Ian,

It should only suspend after a big period without developments or low activity.
If that is not your case I recommend you to send an email to success@outsystems.com explain it so they can investigate why it happened.

João Rosado
Hi Ian,

In the past week, our monitoring mechanism counted only 2 visits to your applications. This value was not considered to be enough to keep your personal environment "alive" and, for that reason, it was suspended.
We see our Personal Environments (PE) as development environments, where you have the opportunity to deploy amazing applications using the OutSystems Platform. Even when you don't have a lot of site visits, we will still keep your PE up and running if you continue to publish new application (eSpace) versions.

Nuno Parreira