Hello Sir,
 Currently am using Record to Xml action can you just help me by seeing the code if there is any change needed so that i can look into that.Please find my screenshot in the attachment
Hi ChandrasekarRadhakrishnan,

I'm sure the community is eager to help you (not just me ;)) but please help us help you!

What are you trying to do?
Do you have any error? If yes, what is the error?
Can you share the OML instead of just a screenshot?

Hello Sir ,
I have attached my Oml as well as xif file the problem is that am getting the error "Parameter Record is invalid.
Hello Sir,
Please find my xif file in the attachment.
Hi Chandrasekar,
The error is coming from the fact you're passing the output of the Extension's GetRequest action to RecordToXml. The extension's implementation for GetRequest is just returning an empty string. It should be a Record.

But this is probably not your problem. If you let us know what's the purpose of the action, I could give you an example of how to do it.
If your goal is simply to export the "GetRequest" entity record you're saving to the database to XML, you can see how to do it in the attached example:
- no need to do anything on the XmlRecords action
- just pass ToObject(GetRequestForm.Record.GetRequest) as an input to the RecordToXml

Haven't tested it thourougly but it should work (note that I changed your Save button to call that action instead of redirecting the user to the URL you had there.
From what I could understand in the code, what you'll probably want to do is get that XML, and use actions from the HTTPRequestHandler module to submit a HTTP Post request with that XML to the external site...

Hope it helps