OutSystems and Reverse Proxy Setup

OutSystems and Reverse Proxy Setup

There have been several discussions on the use of Reverse Proxy Server with an OutSystems based application in this forum, but I did not find any conclusive answers.

I am using OutSystems platform version 8.x and I have successfully setup an Apache HTTP Server (as a reverse proxy) in front of an OutSystems platform server. Things appear to be working fine but since I have done only basic testing, I wanted to reach out to the community and find out if there are issues, gotchas that I should be aware of. Any information will be useful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Pradeep!

Did it work? Have you found any problem with your setup?

Hi Paulo,

I have used an Apache HTTP Server as a reverse proxy in front of OutSystems front end server and it works like a charm. AJAX submissions, referesh, blocking out access to Service Center etc. all work. Note that I am not using any extended content rewriting like HTML body, scripts and CSS because of the way we have deployed our apps. Keeping it simple and it appears to be working quite well in my tests.

Thank you,
Good to know, thanks for sharing!