[Event System] Latest Version on OS 8.0 possible?

[Event System] Latest Version on OS 8.0 possible?

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Published on 15 Jan by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 15 Jan by leonardo.fernandes
Hello Leonardo.

I have been following this component and it is quite intresting, because it overcomes many limitations regarding communication between screens and blocks among other nice features.

I saw that in the most recent version is possible to pass parameters to Events wich is quite nice, unfortunatly i see that the last version is available on OS 9.0 only. Since this is a closed component it is possible for you to make available a OS 8.0 compatible version since the 9 is on the begining stage and most of the people are still using the 8.0?

Thanks, Nuno Guedes
Hello Nuno, and thanks for the interest on this component. It is possible, of course, to release it for version 8.0. It will take some time, because I will have to set up an 8.0 environment, as opposed to just using the personal edition. But I understand that the 8.0 adoption is much larger than that of 9.0, so I will put on the extra effort to support both versions. Best regards, Leonardo Fernandes
Thank you very much Leonardo.

Nuno Guedes
Hi Leonardo,

I can see that you released a new version for platform server 8.0, however that version is marked as "under development", is there something missing comparing to 9 version? Or is just because it is not possible to make two versions as "Last Stable"?

Thanks, Nuno Guedes.
There's nothing missing. Your second guess is correct, but I have mistaken "latest version" by "stable version". I have fixed it now, both are stable, but the 9 version is the latest one.