Skills Assessment

Hey everyone. 

I was not sure where to actually post this, so I put it here...

So, I have to formulate a skills assessment formulary for my managers to use when interviewing candidates for outsystems projects. Thing is, I have not a clue on what I should ask in the formulary. They want some junior-level questions and then some increase in difficulty, up to senior level. And they want the questions to be simple enough that they can ask them during he interview.

I'm completely lost and have no idea what I should put here. Any clues?

Thanks very much in advance!
I think you're going to find it impossible to accomplish this as there will likely be no candidates that will have significant Outsystems experience vs. thousands of .Net/Java candidates, unless you hire actual Outsystems employees which I assume is unlikely.

You should not ask Outsystems specific questions.  You need to ask more generic questions - object oriented programming experience (.Net/Java), database experience (SQL Server, Oracle), web site design experience (HTML, CSS, Java Script), etc.  I believe anyone with significant experience in these areas can become competent in Outsystems in a very short period of time.  Isn't that why you are using the platform?

Hope this helps,
Hey Curt.

Well, maybe in the US there are very few OutSystems candidates, but here in Portugal, the birthplace of OutSystems, there is a really big industry on it. So, they are asking this of me because of the OutSystems specific candidates, which, believe me, are many.
I agree with Curt. We've had college student interns come in the last few Summers and they were productive after taking the online training. Beyond the entry-level, any good, solid programmer with relevant experience can make for a very good candidate. Senior level and above you can gauge with experience with SQL, database design, javascript, etc.
That definitely makes a difference.  To come up with questions, especially beginner to intermediate level, look at the training videos and pick out questions from what is presented there.
Also ask if they have taken the boot camp classes.