Outsystems Now SU/AO Consumption

Outsystems Now SU/AO Consumption

Why is it that the OutsystemsNowService and Native modules cosume Software Units/Application Objects?

With the release of Version 9, the native capability was a major feature upgrade(and its great!!!).
But why is it this feature, which is marketed as a built-in system capability, will end up consuming part of your license?

The OutsystemsNowService is 24 AO.
The Native module is 15 AO.
Thats almost 40 AO.

For Platofrom Intro license of 300 AO,, you will have to use 13% of your license just to use this feature.
For Platform  license of 600 AO, you will have to use 7% of your license just to use this feature.

Any thoughts on the subject?

Hi Robbie,
That was a bug of the first Platform 9 licenses.
This has already been corrected: "OutSystems Now" server components are considered system components and, therefore, have no cost to customers. Contact OutSystems Product Support for a license update.

Hi Arlindo,

Will this issue be fixed with the next release of the platform server, or this resolved only with a licenese update?


Hi Robbie,

You need to request a license update.