How to register an environment with a Controller-only node in LifeTime ?

How to register an environment with a Controller-only node in LifeTime ?

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Is this possible? My architecture is made up of 1C+3FE servers and I suppose one should register the Deployment Controller server in Lifetime, right? But what if it's a Controller-only node? Lifetime starts shooting a bunch of synch errors in Infrastructure page...

I did get to workaround it but this approach seems very frankestein to me: toggling Deployment service for a brief time (to get Service Center virtual directory synch'ed in IIS) and then toggling it off. Then changing Service Center > Frontend-Servers settings to disable the server as a front-end because a few service connection errors start popping up.



It's a bad idea to have a "stalled" Service Center (or any application anyway) in the IIS of a Controller-Only node.
What hostname/ip did you try to register the environment with? It should be the same hostname that the frontends reply to...

Just noticed your last reply with the "Version missmatch" errors on the other thread. See why it's a bad idea???

João Rosado
Just to make it clear: You need to use a front-end to register in LifeTime, not necessarily the Deployment Controller, and certainly not the Deployment Controller in a DC-only scenario.

In a farm environment, you'll usually be load balancing between several frontends. For this you should use the load balancer's name. Basically, the address to the environment you put in Lifetime is the same where you access your applications on.
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Any unexpected behavior after re-registering the frontend? For example, will my previous LifeTime Performance Monitoring data still be available?