Can't run the 'build your first app' (contacts) tutorial

I've attempted to runt the build your first application tutorial from these computers:

MAC--Windows 10 enviornment supported on VMWare
Windows 8.1 native windows machine

Neither works.  I've used IE, firsfox and chrome.  Each one gets to the 'create responsive web module' step, then when I click on create, nothing happens.  If I double-click the web page switches from full screen to normal.

I'm interested to use to help the Disability Pride Parade Committee in Chicago improve its data tracking abilities.
Can anyone help?
I've had trouble in the past at times with this but to be honest the tutorial is so rudimentary that it probably won't be a big help.  A much better use of your time would be to go through the training videos.
By any chance are you using retina display or other high resolution monitors? If so, please follow the steps here:

Hi Larry,

Could you record a short video (e.g. using jing) of your experience, so it's easier to understand it and try to reproduce it?

Tiago Simões