V8 Community Edition User Espace

I am new to version 8 CE and installing it on an onsite machine. Where did the User Espace go and how do I install it? 

Thank you in advance. 
Hi David,

The User eSpace is a special kind of eSpace. It will not appear on your Development Environment. Nevertheless, it is visible in your Service Center. 

The User eSpace is installed when you publish the System Components solution. You can access it by typing "<your_server>/Users" (i.e. localhost/Users) on your browser. 

Should you have any question, feel free to ask.
Ricardo Alves


I tried your suggestion. (I also tried Users)

I get the following error. 

I feel like i used to see the user espace in the espaces under the service center. 

Any how, the first application that I am trying to make again has the following error. 

This eSpace module uses a missing User Provider. 

Thank you in advance. 


Hi David,

I'd say that you haven't published the System Components solution. You will find this in the OutSystems Platform folder (System_Components.osp).
Publish it in Service Center > Factory > Solutions > Upload and Publis...

I haven't fixed it yet, but here is the answer for future users as to where to find the info. 


Thank you for your help.