Auto complete - pre populating feilds

Auto complete - pre populating feilds

I have a list of employees stored in my data

On one of my webscreens the entity contact name links to employee name

this field is set to auto complete 

(see screenshot1)

when you open this screen in browser it has already an employees name in the field - i want this field to remain empty until you click on it... the employee it is showing isnt even at the top of the employees list it is completely random

(see screenshot 2)

on similar pages it remains empty and it says type or double click for the list (see screenshot 3 )

this is how i would like it to work on the pages shown on screenshot 1

any ideas ?

Hi Sat,
on the input you want to do that, try on the field "Null Value" put the value "0". I think the default name will disappear.
Best Regards,
Gonçalo Azambujo
Thank - you :)