First time user... first app help

Good day all..

I have started working on my first app... and by default it seems to have a log in app... i want to remove that..

my app is going to be basically a search of a database..

any ideas on how i can remove the default log in stuff without causing the app not work...
Hi Andre,

So if I understood correctly you want to make an application where users do not need to login.

To start, in your screens under Roles select the "Anonymous" checkbox.
That will stop the automatic redirects to the Login page.

That should be enough to get you working on your application.

If you really want to clean up all the unnecessary screens should be something like:
  • Delete "Common\InvalidPermissions", "Common\Login", "Common\MyInfo", "Common\NoPermission", "Common\LoginInfo"
  • Now clicking on the errors on the TrueChange tab:
  1. In the InternalError screen there will be a link with an error. Change that link destination to the main page on your application.
  2. In the Header block there will be an empty webblock with error (because we deleted the LoginInfo) delete that empty block.
  3. In the Commons Flow there will be a "Security Exception" with no arrows. Delete it.

João Rosado
i got lost at "Now clicking on errors on the TrueChange Tab:" ..

i dont see a tab labelled that.
On the bottom left of the Service Studio window.
It's the place where you see the errors and warnings. Double clicking on them selects the object with the problem.
its giving me a logic error Security error

That was the step 3 (That ball was named Security Exception before you changed it), delete that "User Exception" exception handler.
oh i did something wrong... i got it to work by enabling anonymous log in :( ...still getting the hang of this program..
Hi Andre,

Don't forget to take a look at the online training videos here: