Where is my application ?

Where is my application ?

I made an application "project budgets" but it doesn't appear in the list of applications? Graham made the cabcharge tracking application and it is there, but mine is not ?

I need to start a new application, and I'm a bit worried that my application won;t be able to be opened again.

This is it in my service studio.

Hi Michael,
From your screenshots its possible to see that you've published on the "wrong" environmen, the lifetime environment. See your lifetime is on the ip (visible fromm the first screenshot) and its orchestrating 2 environments dev ( and tst (not active yet).

i sugest you go to the management console in you lifetime environment and you select factory -> applications and download your app.

In your develoment studio disconnect from your current environment and connect to the dev environment and open the previously saved application.

Hope it helps

Cheers, Guilherme
What is the correct environment that I should be publishing too?

This is where I currently connect to.
In Service Studio, you should connect to your development environment (as indicated in Lifetime):
(use the same credentials as in Lifetime).