Combo Box Issue


I have two distinct entities that i want to use in a combo box.
I want to show the attribute of Entity1, but the save\use the id of the other (FirstEntity). The problem is that the plataform dont let me do that.
Put attached an example.
Is there a way to do it? Can anyone help?

Remembered one option.. is to store the Entity1 value and make a second query to get the value of the FirstEntity...
Plácido Miranda
in the OnChange for the Combo box, find the record you want in the other table.
Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the reply, but after posting this message I remembered that I could make a structure with the values I want and in place of entities return the structure using a advanced query.

Anyway i think it was a good idea, having two entities can show an attribute of entity one, but use a identifier of entity 2.

Plácido Miranda