Hi There
I really urgently need someone’s help with the following problem and will appreciate it greatly if you will come back to me as soon as possible.
I have an app that is running on an AWS EC2 instance, it is an EBS instance. However Amazon has now notified me that the server where my app and data is hosted will be terminated on the 24th of Jan as there is some hardware failure on it.
What I want to know is how can I back up my data that is lying within my app that I created with the Outsystems Community Edition?
Your help will be greatly appreciated!
Hi Rudi,

This really depends on what your app does. If you don't store data directly in the filesystem then what you need to do is a backup of the database and get it out of the AWS instance.
Hi Andre.

Thanks for the reply.

I do store data directly in the filesystem, how do I then go about it?
It that case I would create some webservices in the environment to get the information from elsewhere.
Thanks, where do I find the SQL Database that I need to back up if it is not stored in the filesystem?

I don't follow you now...

You said you have the app running on an AWS instance. Didn't you install the OutSystems Platform there?
Hi Andre

Yes, I installed the Outsystems Platform there?
If you installed the platform on that instance, assuming it was a community edition, then you have a local SQL Server and you should have SQL Management Studio to manage it. On SQL Management Studio you can backup the database...
That is what I thought, do I then just back up the entire Outsystems Database that I created duing the installation?
Thanks, just one last question, does SQL Manager have a back up operation or should I use a 3rd party back up software?
It does have. I'm no expert but surely you'll find tons of help using google on how to backup a SQL Server database.
Thanks, appreciate!