Installed Platform Server , requested a community licence & now asks me to downgrade

Installed Platform Server , requested a community licence & now asks me to downgrade

help someone, 

Your server license has been invalidated as it does not allow the current server version. Please downgrade the server version or contact OutSystems for a license upgrade.
You must delete applications or Contact OutSystems Sales to keep using the OutSystems Platform.

Hi Pat,

What version of the Platform Server did you install? The Community Edition has been discontinuated since version 8.0.1, so, if your Platform Server version is higher than this, that explains your issue.

For more information, you can take a look at this FAQ.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask me.

Ricardo Alves
I need to be able to assign a hostname to my applications, I cannot be dependent on outsystems cloud, no access to the database and server and limited database size.
How do I map DNS entries to my PersonalSpace Outsystem Apps

I want a user to be able to visit :

This doesn't address your dependency on the Outsystems cloud, access to the database or database size limits but you can use a workaround for the domain issue.  Look at the workaround in this thread - .

Hope this helps,
Hi Pat,

With the personal edition, that cannot be done.

If you need something like that, you can check our Enterprise offer, which does not have that limitation. You can check the differences between those two offers in this FAQ as well.

Alternatively, although not recommended, you can use the Community Edition. Keep in mind though that that version was discontuniated, and has a lot of limitations that the Personal Edition does not have, along side with the fact that you won't have any of the most recent features.

Ricardo Alves
I am not an enterprise/

I am a single developer , developing for myself. 

At work we do have the enterprise version.  

Am I required to purchase an enterprise licence to publish to my own server.  
Hi Pat,

Unfortunatelly, at the time being, there is no option to set a custom URL on the Personal Edition. However, you can also try to follow the suggestions on this thread:

Hope this can help.