Personal Environment and Customer Domains

Dear OutSystems,

I was introduced to OutSystems through work, we had to pilot it, evaluate it.  We had done a weeks training and did the certification on OutSystems.

I then signed up for outsystems to do personal projects thinking this will help me rapidly push out websites and apps.  However I keep finding road blocks along the way that is preventing me from being productive. 

I have a few apps, I don't want to use my personal environment URL this does not look professional.  I need to be able to brand the websites and apps with their own domain name.  

The personal environment does not allow me to use custom domains so I am forced to host the platform server component on my own server.  This is not a problem as I have several to use.  

After several attempts to install the Server componet I find out that the latest version I installed is no longer supported and I must downgrade.  

So after weeks of training, certification, developing I can't deploy any of these websites/apps to my own server environment and I can't release them via the personal environment as it doesn't support custom domains. 

After weeks of this the only option it looks like is to purchase a licence if I want to progress.

Patience with OutSystems is wearing thin, at this point I feel like it has been a big waste of time.  

I cannot find cost of licences? 
I can help with some of this.  First is for pricing, you need to contact Outsystems directly by going here - .

Attempting to use the Community Edition because it is not supported beyond version 8 and and because of its significant limitations is not a good solution for you.  You want to use the Personal Edition but you need to keep in mind the limitations shown in this thread -  .

Lastly, a workaround for the domain name issue is to have a single web page on your site that uses an 'iframe' to show the pages of your application as described here -  .

Hope this helps,
Thanks Curt, 

I have contacted OutSystems.

Can't roll out production sites using the personal environment due to being unable to assign a DNS records. 

I can do the workaround but not sustainable for the long term. 

I have to wait on a licence price, depending on this I don't even know if it is feasable to go forward now after investing all this time. 
I would have thought that the other limitations of the personal environment, particularly the 1 GB limit and not being able to back up the database would be the issues you couldn't live with but I don't know you applications.

So, you spent many weeks of your time, paid for certification, developed several applications that are close to production ready and you had no idea what the platform was going to cost to put into production?  Seems weird to me.  Getting pricing was the first thing I did after determining that the platform was a possible solution for me.

If you do give up on Outsystems and look for something else be sure to get cost information first.  Good luck in your endeavor.