I put a radiobutton and a label on the page and I set Label's "Input Widget" property to the radio button ID.
But in the markup generated, label's "for" attribute is empty. As a result, clicking on the label doesn't check the radion button. I wanted to hide the radio-buttons so that it looks like push buttons, but it doesn't work.
Is this feature incomplete? Or has that "Input Widget" property some other purpose? Is it possible to set "for"?

Here is the markup I get:

<input type="radio" name="-609463480" id="wt2_wtMainContent_wtIsFirstTrue" value="True" />
<label class='' style=' margin-left: 0px' for='' >First</label>
<input type="radio" name="-609463480" checked="checked" id="wt2_wtMainContent_wtIsFirstFalse" value="False" style="margin-left: 0px" />
<label class='' style=' margin-left: 0px' for='' >Second</label>

Hi Igor,

I did a quick look at the Labels code and it is indeed missing the case of the Radio buttons.
I'll ask for a backport of my fix for it.

As a workaround on the current version the best I could get was using an expression with "Escape Content" set to "No":
"<label style='margin-left: 0px' for='" + IsFirstTrue.Id + "' >First</label>"

João Rosado
Thanks João, I hope this will be fixed though.

This is still not fixed?

Hi Ronald,

It should be (pretty sure I did a fix for it myself around the time of that reply).

Are you having the same problem? In what version?


João Rosado

Just tested in my local server (10.0) and it looks good:

João Rosado