Still learning ... got a few questions

ok.. i am working on a small app for some doctors in my area..

I have created my entities and i have linked them... but i got a few questions

1)How can i see what Data i have in the entities without creating an interface for them ? A way of viewing all the data for development purposes.

2)Is it possible Delete/purge entities of all imported data , without created an interface for it ? For development and testing purposes.

I have attached the entities i have so far... any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Do you have your own database or using the Community cloud? If your own, use a tool like Toad to look at the contents of your database. Other wise, with V9, you should be able to see data in the Aggregate interface. Or, otherwise, a smart thing to do anyway is to create these interfaces to the database so that you can view and fix in the future.
i have the items ina  database.. but i imported them into outsystems via excel spreadsheets
Hi Andre,

First of all welcome to our community!
I hope you have lots of fun and that your application for the doctors is a huge success!
First things first, if you are starting why not give the online training a try? I know I'm biased but I'm sure you will learn a lot of things there.

Now for your questions:
  1. If you want to see what data you have on an entity simply put it in a aggregate. Aggregates not only allow you to fetch the information you need from the database and manipulate it to your needs but they also show you the information that is present on the database. You need to have published the application with that entity definition once so that the entity is actually created in the database.
  2. Nope :/ In this case you really need to publish some interface to do this.
Some additional pointers:
  • You will see in the online training that OutSystems Platform supports defining look-up tables like the Doctor_Type you defined. These are usually modeled using static entities. The great advantage of this is that you can reference specific records of these entities in your code. So for instance if you have a business rule that applies only to surgeons than you can write these rules with a reference to that record pretty much as you would do with enums in C# (not sure you are familiared with it)
  • This is more of a best practice but usually entities are written as singular nouns and not plural nouns, e.g. Doctor instead of Doctors.
Again, I hope you have lots of fun and if you have questions come back here, I'm sure the community will help you move forward.

Final note, that site is looking very promising ;)