TreeView - looking for a simple component

  I am trying to use the TreeView available inside Forge but it seems complicates and (I don´t remember which one) is not update (old version). So, I would like to know if there is some TreeView or hierarchical view component that I can use ?
 The visual management is very important to the system I am building. I would like to use the same principle that I use in the "processes", "interface", "logic" and "data" perspectives available in Service Studio.
I will enjoy any feeback
Hi Luciano,

Unfortunately there's no simple approach when it comes to trees.
If you want to create a tree without using a client side component with javascript the usual pattern that comes to my mind is using web blocks inside a List Records, but this also has some limitations...
So bascially what you do is the following:
  • Fetch the elements at the root level
  • Render this with a table records or list records. On each row add an expression with the value for that level and a web block which will render the 2nd level elements.
  • Repeat the process for the 3rd level, 4th level and so one. Here's the catch. You cannot use a web block inside itself so you will need a new web block for each depth level you have.
  • You can use the RichWidgets expand/collapse widget to show or hide the children of a given node.
Another issue with this is that this code is not reusable :(. Everytime you want to render a tree you have to create these web blocks for that specific element you are rendering. Because of all this usually the approach is to use a TreeView component like the one you mentioned...

Hi Andre,
   I don´t like to create something that is not reusable... Unfortunately I will try to understand a little more the available component. However, I think might be a good idea Outsystems think about create a tree gadget. It will be very useful.
   Thanks for the feedback

Hi André,
What if you don't have a specific amount of levels? For example, at my project, they can create an unlimitted amount of levels .. :/

Hi Niels,

You have some available components to accomplish it (this one or this one). Don't they fit your needs?