Links within emails not working as intended

Links within emails not working as intended

Hi Guys,

I have recently built an email function into one of my applications but it is not correctly linking the webpage that it is supposed to.

It seems that the link that is being generated is incorrect, it is coming out like this:


Is there any idea about what the cause for this would be?

Thanks again.
Hi Tom,

What address do you have configured in Service Center on "Administration"->"Environment Configuration"->"Hostname" ?

João Rosado
Hi João,

The hostname is

Resolved, thanks
I also ran into this problem. I believe the confusion comes from the fact that the help text under the entry area says:
The name that is typed in the URL of the internet browser to access the server (eg:

Specifically, it tells you to enter the fully qualified domain name with http:// - not literally ONLY the host name.
Hopefully the service center help text will be corrected in time.