Type conversion cannot be empty in argument..

Type conversion cannot be empty in argument..


I'm having difficulty passing a value to an action because Service Studio outputs the following message
"Type conversion cannot be empty in Argument BillingClientTypeId. At least one attribute must have its conversion expression filled."

For simplification I tried IntegerToEntityRefInteger(0) without success although my expression depends on some IFs.

The mentioned input (BillingClientTypeId) has the type CRM_BILLING_CLIENT_TYPE Identifier and it's not accepting IntegerToEntityRefInteger(0) nor the expression I want to pass.

Service Studio version is

Need help!


Have you tried using NullIdentifier()?
The thing is I don't want to pass Nullidentifier(). I was just trying to show there is something wrong here.
In reality I have a static entity mapping some values and I want to pass something like IntegerToEntityRefInteger(Entities.MyStatic.Something) but I get the aforementioned message.
And even if I wanted to pass IntegerToEntityRefInteger(0) I should be able to pass it. 
If that relationship is to a static entity than all you need to pass is Entities.MyStatic.Something.
Has I said before, the input's type in the action is CRM_BILLING_CLIENT_TYPE.
So If I pass anything other than a CRM_BILLING_CLIENT_TYPE  identifier I get a warning...
CRM_BILLING_CLIENT_TYPE Identifier data type expected instead of MyStatic identifier.
Usually in these situations one applies IntegerToEntityRefInteger() and no more warning.

But I'm not getting a warning. I'm getting an error. And with errors I cannot publish.

PS: I tried Nullidentifier() and I get the same error.

Can you share your code?