Mechanism for Blocking eSpace Publishing until Approved?

Hello - I have a customer that is asking if there is any way we can have a maker-checker pattern feature for publishing eSpaces. This would basically prevent a user from publishing an eSpace until another user with the appropriate permission "approved" the changes. Perhaps one role for making changes but prevents publishing, and another role that allows publishing and/pr approving a publish. My first reaction is no but I thought I would check.
Hello Dan,

Using the built-in Lifetime roles, it's possible for a user to plan a deployment into production environment, but onyl other users with higher privileges, actually deploy the application.

This allows the high privilege user to identify which version of the applications are actually going to be deployed onto production. If the customer needs to validate the code, then these high privielege users may need to perform Merge operations between each module, to determine the differences.

Using Lifetime, this has actually been highly simplified, as the different modules are highlighted in LIfetime, and direct shortcuts to open and merge the espace modules with the Development Environment, allows to rapidly identify the differences.

Can this cover your use case requirements?