Update excel table

Update excel table

I have bootstrap data from an excel table, now i need to substitute the excel table to another one, i've done ''Update Action Bootstrap Data from Excel" but continue to show the data from the older table. How can i update the bootstrap data and change the excel table?
Hello Diogo,

I believe that you want to update the excel file you added to your espace the first time is that right?

If you right click on it, you'll see a menu entry saying: "Change resource". That's the way to do it, if that's what you want.

Hi Diogo,

If you look into the logic of the bootstrap you'll notice that only when the entity has no records the data from the excel is bootstrapped to the database. So even if you Update the action or change the resource as Pedro mentioned you will still see the old data in your application.
So what to do next?

You can add a button on the page to delete all the records from the entity and afterwards publish again (this because the bootstrap logic only runs after a publish).

Hope this helps.

Thank you Andre Viera. It work's. Cheers