Problem with a field.

Problem with a field.

I have 3 entities... 2 are static.... the one that is not static .. i want linked it to the 2 static ones via a fields DoctorTypeID and LocationID... both of those fields are the auto ID in their respective tables.

My problem is after i have imported data into my non static entity.. and i try to link the 2 fields which have numeric data in them to 2 fields in the static entites .. i keep getting the following error "Invalid Data Type 'Locations Identifier' data type required instead of 'Integer'." how can i get around this in linking the non static entity to the static entity ?
Hello Andre,

AS you've noticed, if you try to assign an integer to a field that should be an identifier, you get the error that you're mentioning. In the assing step you can use the IntegerToEntityRefInteger built in funtion to be able to assign the value. See it in the picture

Hope it helps!
Pedro Cardoso
Hi Andre,

If you are bootstraping data into related tables you should probably give a try on this online training lesson or this component in the Forge.