Order by date 

Order by date 

How do you order a table by date
Name         Description       DATE

When published each column can be ordered if the title is clicked ... i want the table to already deafult and automatically show the list in order of the column name: DATE

how can i do this ?
Hello Sat.

When you scaffold a table, which I believe you did, there's a few things that are created for you. One of them is the default ordering. You can see it in the preparation, inside the aggregate created by the scafolding, like in the picture bellow. The ordering is done by the action List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy and the default is the second argument for it. You can change it for whatever you want. You just need to follow the formatting {entity name}.[entity attribute]. It's the orange arrow in the image.

Hope it helps!
Pedro Cardoso
I have an older version of outsystems ... so i dont have screens like the one above... there is no aggregate function either
Ah, so Aggregates is something new in Version 9 that replaces Simple Queries.

You will have the same thing in simple queries. There's a parameter named Order that will have it's value set to the same action above.

Pedro Cardoso