[Google Maps] Outsystems Now?

[Google Maps] Outsystems Now?

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Published on 24 Apr by OutSystems Labs
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Published on 24 Apr by OutSystems Labs
Are there any known issue with the "multiple markers" example shown?
I cannot get the same functionality on a mobile device

Also I notice that the required platform is whereas the publicly available version is
Are there any known issues regarding this?
Hello, Martyn,

If this related to the InfoWindow issue we were discussing on the other thread, I've already replied through PM: it should have something to do with the example I provided. My bad for not testing it on my server before posting. :P

If you are referring to the untouched version of Google Maps' "Multiple Markers" demo page, could you please be a bit more specific? I was able to see the default markers and set off the default click handlers I added through the Preparation.
...for those of you still wondering what Martyn meant: it was actually a problem with the InfoWindow content string I showed on another thread, which, as it turned out, wasn't related to OutSystems Now itself.

Andrei showed an example that worked on his post, if you want to try it out for yourself.