Record List to Excel With Dates

I'm trying to import an excel spreadsheet into outsystems using Record List to Excel.  I have 4 date columns formatted like 2015-03-18.  The format on these columns is date.  The structure has been setup to import these values as Text(50) because some of the values could be empty.  However, while importing the data the dates are coming in Empty instead of having the value in the appropriate column.  Is there a trick to using this action to import date values?  
Hi Rebecca,

If it wasn't a mistake when you wrote, you have to use the Excel to Record List action not the Record List to Excel to do waht you want, that is import from excel to a list.

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Yes, that is the one that I'm using.  Sorry for the typo.
Hi again Rebbecca,

did you try to setup your structure to import the values as dates and then, after imported, change them for Text?

I have tried setting the data type to both Date and as just plain Text but neither one will import the data. 
How your dates in excel are formatted? can you put here an image? the dates in excel must be formatted like this:  yyyy-mm-dd. Sincerely i'm not seeing what might be the problem unless the formatation of the data.

Nope, still not working.  i'll keep looking.
The name of the columns in excel is exactly equal to the name of the attributes in your structure? And in the same position?

I ended up creating a new structure and then the dates were imported just fine.  I'm not sure if something was corrupted or not.  I was able to get it to work.  Thanks for your help!
Good that everything was solved!

you're welcome!

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Gonçalo Azambujo