Container click is not working in mozilla and crome and IE11

I am using container in my page. In that i have written one action on container click, but its not working in mozilla and crome and in IE11. its working fine only with IE8 to IE10.

please see the below sreenshot for your reference:

Please help me on that issue.
Thanks in advance.
Also i am facing the same issue with link button ie click event, its working fine with IE8 and IE10 but not working with mozilla, crome and IE11.

Please help me on both issue.
 Hi Pranav,

Can you check the console (F12) for javascript errors?
Also if you could share an eSpace example where the problem occurs it would be nice.

João Rosado
Thanks for your quick reply.
Below error is occured while click on link button (with image)

Do you have the Tabs_ClientSide widget on that page? It appears that that is the issue...
Yes I am using Tabs_ClientSide in my page.

Looks like you don't have it configured properly.
Look here and here for information about how to use the Tabs_ClientSide.
Once you get this working without errors the click on the container should work without problems.