Popup display issues in IE9

Popup display issues in IE9

Hi All,

I'm currently having a problem with how popups are being displayed in IE9.  In my application, I have a button that generates a report in a popup window.  In the preparation of the report window, I initiate another popup that allows the user to change the report configuration.  I am having an issue with this report configuration popup in IE9 - most of it is displayed outside the scope of the report popup window.  I have included screenshots from Chrome and IE9 below.  I am using Service Studio 8.0.



Is this a known problem?  How can I get the popup to show up in the right location on IE?

Thank you,

Hi Brian,

I don't know if it is a known problem but what I can tell you is that a popup on top of a popup is not a very common patern :). But if it is working on chrome and FF I'm almost certain something can be done to make it work on IE.

Can you post a sample espace that replicates this so we may try to help you find a workaround?