Enum in memory

Is there actually a way to make an Enum for basic in-memory operations (no need those to go to DB as Static Entities would do), just simple enum to store some named integrals  (exactelly the way as in .Net), using with other Records
Hi Vladimir,

Thats actually mostly what Static Entities do internally.
The first usage loads the complete table from the database into memory. (its can also need to be reloaded after a EspaceCacheInvalidate)

Lets say you have a Static entity called Country.
Both these operations are in memory:
GetCountry (Entities.Country.Spain.Id).CountryCode

João Rosado
Well, ok, just as I saw it; than pure enums are missing from the Platform :) (cuz I mean, still there cases when You may need no DB fricktions involved at all, I guess)