Search by date

How do you extend search feature to search for a date .. please see my attempt in the attachment ... what is it that im not doing correctly?
Hi Sat,

The first thing I noticed in your attachment is that you're using an "=" and a "%" wildcard in your Filter. As you probably know, wildcard should only be used with LIKE operators, so that approach will not work.

Secondly, you're comparing Dates to Text and the Platform should actually give you an error because you're trying to compare different types. To solve this you can convert the Date to Text using the DateToText() function. By doing this you'll be able to compare the date with the text in your Search Filter, using a LIKE operator and wildcards.

I'm not sure what the purpose of the search is, but if you're trying to filter by specific years, monthes or days ou can use some of the built-in functions that return these values, namely Year(), Month() and Day().

Best regards,

Tito Azevedo.
how do you change it to datetotext
Use the function DatetoText().

i mean where abouts do i change this ?
In your filter, in the last statement, use datetotext(SearchKeyword).

But read what Tiago Azevedo wrote in the last paragraph, because I think it's the best approach to search for dates.