Google Map causing notify widget to not fire

Google Map causing notify widget to not fire

Hi all, I have a Webscreen with a basic Google map weblock. This parent webscreen has a richwidget popup. The popup should call a screen action on the parent through a notify widget action. The map is causing the notify widget to not work at all. Can I get some advice?

Hi Julius,

Could you attach your Module so we can have a look and try to better understand what you're trying to accomplish?

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Tito Azevedo.
There was a version of the maps that did override the osjs (or the $) variable in javascript...breaking all jquery based scripts as a side effect.
Update:  I checked the current google map components in the forge and could not find the pattern I was talking about in any of them (on the latest versions at least)

What google map component are you using?

João Rosado