[Advanced Excel] Exporting from Record List

[Advanced Excel] Exporting from Record List

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Published on 8 Oct by Hanno
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Published on 8 Oct by Hanno
I had a success using this component by exporting data via Advanced Query of Outsystems. Now in my other requirement, I need to export data from four queries so I used a record list where I will put them all.

See below:

The excel exported only shows "System,Collections.BitArray". Is the use of RecordList not allowed or am I using it wrong?

Finally got it to work. It seems that the extension can't export out the RecordLists with an 'Output Structure' of Entity/Table. I changed it to a Structure, recode the sql script to match the structure and voila!
Hi JC,

Thanks for saring the solution. i'm sure it will help someone in the future.

Hey JC,

Thanks for this post, it helped me solving the issue.